Gas sorption

Physisorption Instrument: Micromeritics 3Flex

Physisorption and desorption of gases can be used to study materials structure: e.g. surface area and porosity.

With the Micromeritics 3Flex we can analyze various organic and inorganic solid materials. Typical samples for us are powders, fibers, briquettes and foams. Those can be drugs, adjuvant formulations or cellulose fiber. We can analyze samples with 3 separate probe gases simultaneously. We use nitrogen, argon and krypton adsorptive gases, that enables the research of materials with very small or very large specific surface area. The instrument is developed to study porosity (pore size, and pore volume) of microporous (< 2 nm) and mesoporous (2 to 50 nm) materials.


For more information, contact Ermei Mäkilä.