MARI operates at the University of Turku and hosts an extensive collection of analytical instruments with relevance to materials research, some of which are listed below.

The aim of MARI is to boost materials research and technology in Turku area. The research infrastructure serves as a platform for collaboration and to strengthen teaching and scientific excellence in the field of materials analysis, characterization, and aging. We support multidisciplinary research and we are more than happy to welcome external users from academia as well as industry and other external commercial organisations.

We support open access: trained research staff or students can book time via OpenIRIS booking system.

We are constantly updating and extending our materials research infrastructure.

Sample preparation

Synthesis and preparation

  • Broad Ion Beam mill (BIB)
  • High-temperature, high-pressure piston device (coming)
  • High-temperature synthesis equipment
  • Microwave reactor
  • Hot mounting press and cold embedding equipment
  • Precision cutter
  • Grinding and polishing equipment
  • Plasma cleaner

Thin film deposition

Lithography and other processing

Analysis equipment