E-beam evaporator

E-beam evaporator: Elettrorava

The e-beam evaporator uses an accelerated electron beam to evaporate metals and other materials from  crucibles. The material then condenses on a surface about 50 cm away. The method allows the user to evaporate materials that are difficult or even impossible to process using standard resistive thermal evaporation. Some of these materials include high-temperature materials such as gold, used as an electrical contact in applications, or ceramics like silicon dioxide, for optical films, among many others.

The long distance between the crucible and the substrate and the high energy of the added atoms leads to very straight paths for the atoms and keeps shadowing to minimum.

For more information, contact Hannu Huhtinen.


  • 6 crucibles for different materials
  • Maximum sample radius 5 cm, when using the load-lock
  • Includes a preparation chamber with possibility of heating the sample up to 600 C under vacuum or gas

For more information, contact Hannu Huhtinen.