Field-emission SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)
Thermo Scientific Apreo S

Oxford Instruments UltimMax 100 Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS)

This field-emission SEM can be used for high-resolution imaging and to obtain compositional and elemental information of the surface or near-surface region of different samples.

SEM is useful for materials science and for industrial manufacturing and can be used to image materials ranging e.g. from nano- and microparticles, catalysts, and nanodevices to bulk magnetic samples and insulators such as polymers. This SEM has broad analytical extensions: STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy) detector for TEM grid imaging, Cathodoluminescence detector (CLD) and EDS detector.

For more information, contact Ermei Mäkilä.


  • Acceleration voltages from 0.2 kV to 30 kV
  • Multiple in-lens and in-column detectors for high resolution, low voltage SE and BSE imaging
  • 5-axes motorized sample stage, with 110 x 110 mm XY motion, full rotation and -15° to +90° tilt
  • Maximum sample weight 500g with tilt
  • Low vacuum SE/BSE imaging up to 500 Pa
  • Electrostatic final lens (for magnetic materials), compound immersion magnetic lens (for non-magnetic samples)
  • AZtec software for EDS analysis, including large area mapping and particle size analysis

For more information, contact Ermei Mäkilä.