Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (e-QCM)

Gamry eQCM 10M

Gamry Reference 600+ SP-300/240

Quartz crystal microbalance is a highly sensitive surface technique that monitors real-time changes occurring at surfaces with nano-level sensitivity. When combined with electrochemistry, it can provide information on mass and structural changes associated with electron transfer processes occurring at the electrode surface, such as electropolymerization, corrosion, sensor binding events and electrodepostion.

The 600+ is a high-performance potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA particularly suitable for applications in physical electrochemistry, sensors, coatings, and corrosion. The unit also has BioLogic potentiostats of model SP300/240.

For more information, contact Mikael Nyberg.


  • Any crystal from 1-10 MHz in any cell
  • Detect ng/cm2
  • Integrated to Gamry Potentiostat
  • Designed for fast, low-current measurements
  • Maximum Applied Potential – ±11 V
  • EIS – 10 μHz – 5 MHz

For more information, contact Mikael Nyberg.