Accurion EP3 ellipsometer


Ellipsometer uses a nondestructive (noncontact) optical method to determine film thickness and optical properties. It measures thin films and almost any material deposited on a substrate. This might include thin metal films, oxides, organic coatings, or biological molecule layers.

For more information, contact  Mikko Salomäki.


  • Image resolution: 1-2 micron in x/y, ~1 Å in z
  • Light source options: Internal solid state lasers 532nm, 632nm and 830nm, or Xenon Arc lamp with filter wheel. With wavelengths between 380 – 900 nm available
  • Processes Available:
    • Liquid cell enables measurement of hydrated samples.
    • Surface plasmon resonance fluid cell for imaging surface plasmon resonance and fluid measurements in an inverted setup.
    • Kinetics

For more information, contact  Mikko Salomäki.