Physical Vapor Deposition

Angstrom Engineering custom PVD and Inert Glovebox


Vacuum thin film deposition system connected to a glovebox. The system incorporates 3 different physical vapor deposition (PVD) methods, namely RF sputtering, temperature- and power controlled thermal deposition, making it a versatile tool for the fabrication of organic optoelectronic devices like organic microcavity laser and organic light. In addition, the tool allows for automated sequential deposition which is essential for the fabrication of complex photonic structures like distributed Bragg reflectors, and co-deposition of up to 3 materials which is used in applications such as blending and dopping organic semiconductors. The glovebox allows for post-processing of the fabricated thin-film devices under the inert environment of nitrogen.

For more information, contact Kostas Daskalakis.


  • 9 sources (2 RF Sputtering, 3 thermal deposition, 4 Radak),
  • fully automatic mask exchange
  • Coupled to glovebox
  • Ultra high Vacuum 4 10-8mTorr

For more information, contact Kostas Daskalakis.