Ion time-of-flight and ion-electron coincidence spectrometer

OmiStar 1.0





The OmiStar 1.0 is a versatile instrument optimized for fundamental scientific studies of the interaction of radiation with small quantum systems (SQS). The system is developed in the University of Turku comprising commercial components such as Omicron electron energy analyzer. Ion time-of-flight spectroscopy allows to observe the outcomes of radiation-induced dynamics in SQS’s ranging from diatomics to small clusters and complex biomolecules, detecting various charged fragments and their momenta after the system was broken up by the radiation.

The experiments performed with OmiStar are of fundamental interest for developing, for example, quantum chemical models of SQS. In addition, experiments performed with OmiStar can also be highly relevant in materials research and drug development, allowing to study radiation damage and related materials aging at a fundamental level, or, for example, reveal the basic mechanisms of the action of radiosensitizer drug molecules in radiotheraphy.

For more information, contact Edwin Kukk.


  • Wiley-McLaren linear ion TOF, dT=10-20 ns
  • Gas discharge (He I, Ar, Kr, Xe) and electron gun ionization
  • gas, liquid (vapour) and powder (resistive oven) samples
  • Omicron-150 hemishperical electron analyzer
  • Operation in independent ion TOF, electron spectroscopy and coincidence (PEPICO, PIPICO, PEPIPICO) modes.

For more information, contact Edwin Kukk.