The purpose of the MARI research infrastructure is to serve as a platform for collaboration between local industries as well as to strengthen research excellence in the field of materials characterization and aging.

Methods of co-operation with companies:

  • Theses and student projects

Our students can do a diploma thesis or master thesis from the research topic suggested by your company. The work will be guided and evaluated by a researcher at the university, but people from your company can participate in guidance.

  • Research projects and contract services

We have several co-operation projects with industrial partners going on constantly. Some of them are big public projects that are often partly financed by external funding providers like Business Finland. Some are small research works payed by the customer company. In this kind of project, the results are owned by the paying customer company.

  • Educational collaboration and events

Because we want our students to get education that is relevant for work at the local industry, we also want to co-operate in teaching with local companies. Our students make visits to companies, and companies can present themselves to our students at special events or by lecturing.

At the University of Turku MARI is implemented jointly by the Departments of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, and the new Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Together we have diverse knowledge of materials, chemistry and characterization.