Sputter coater

Quorum Q150V ES+

The low temperature, magnetron sputter coater can be operated using user-generated recipes, in combination with film thickness monitor to generate thin metallic layers for enhancing conductivity and contrast in SEM imaging. The instrument contains also a turbomolecular pump, allowing the use of oxidising metals, such as Cr (or Ir) for very fine grain sizes in high-resolution imaging.  The high vacuum capability also enables the use of e.g. ITO (indium tin oxide), Al and Zn targets. Carbon coating for EDS analysis is also possible using braided carbon cords


  • Two interchangeable deposition heads for metals and one carbon cord holder
  • Rotating planar and rotating planetary stages for 12mm SEM stubs
  • 57 mm disc style targets: Pt, Au, Cr, Al and Cu currently available
  • Carbon evaporation head for amorphous C coating, with optional double-height glass chamber
  • Film thickness monitor

For more information, contact Ermei Mäkilä.